BSc Entrepreneurship

University of Southern California


Joseph Phillips II is currently the principal of 4 Gen Capital LLC, focusing on advancing energy initiatives. Mr. Phillips comes from a long family history in the oil & gas industry that dates back four generations. Throughout his 20-year tenure, Mr. Phillips has a proven track record of implementing successful exploration and development programs. Mr. Phillips has taken active positions in both private and public ventures in various executive and director capacities. He has extensive experience conducting business with foreign and domestic jurisdictions to advance their energy initiatives.
In 1993, Mr. Phillips began working at a private oil & gas company, Trans World Oil & Gas, based in Calgary, Alberta. In 2000, Mr. Phillips was appointed President/CEO. He oversaw the company's growth and sale in 2005 to a TSX listed company, Cyries Energy, for $70 million.
During Mr. Phillips’ five-year tenure as CEO, the company increased shareholder value by 350%. The sales transaction captured 105% of 2P reserves, based on a third-party engineering reserve report incorporating an escalating price deck.
Mr. Phillips founded two private UK companies that were collectively awarded licenses at three separate UK North Sea licensing rounds.
Structured 100+ transactions with 50+ companies (including farm-outs, asset swaps, acquisitions/divestitures, and corporate deals).
Served as a director and various executive capacities for both private and public companies and has extensive experience conducting business in foreign and domestic jurisdictions.